Wayne Boston

I am an active with outside voices Theatre Company I was in foster care and raised in Harlem, Manhattan. I studies drama, dance and stage tech at the Harlem School of the Arts. I love dance companies and entertainment companies. I am into the dancers with Alvin Ailey and other dance companies. I am afraid of superstardom and I do not want to be mistreated. I love to wear makeup. I would love to own my own movie theaters and office buildings. I like to spend time at Lincoln Center.Coming to Outside Voices is a pleasure and at Outside Voices the actors want to be nice and support each other. They are wonderful cast of actors. The company works as a team and we've done two stage performances and many films.

People should respect disabled people. There are not a lot of people with disabilities that are seen to have talents. People think we are not very creative. But we are. Outside Voices performances are open to the public. The shows are full of actors with who are very talented and artistic. The theater should move up in the city, visit other states and maybe tour the world.



Catherine James