Jack Callaghan

My name is John but I prefer to be called Jack. I grew up in New York City. I am passionate about theater, politics and maintaining positive relationships with other people. My hobbies consist of listening to films, books, and articles. I am a good listener and always motivated to work. I want to be a movie actor.

Outside Voices gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings about a variety of topics. Outside Voices is about being able to stand up for yourself no matter who you are. You should listen to us because our thoughts and opinions matter just as much as anyone else's. There we talk things through as a group, we are a democracy. We choose the things that we want to occur as a group. As a disabled person I want to be treated fairly, I want you to listen to my voice. I get angry when I don't have people to talk to and when I am not treated independently. As part of a group it helps with other people who are dealing with the same stereotypes. I don't like staying inside all the time and I don't like not having a job. I love animals, books, wrestling, politics, superheroes, and any kind of Science Fiction

Catherine James