Judith Akullian

I am a licensed, certified  psychoanalyst and have been in private practice for approximately forty years. I see my role as a partner with individuals, couples or groups in helping them experience personal growth, enrichment in their lives and especially to learn the joy of loving. My greatest role is mother to my amazing son, who has taught me what true love and acceptance is all about. He has helped me be a better person and human being.

At first I came to outside voices to assist my son in communicating to the group and with others. But I have become so attached to everyone in the theater company and to its purpose and honesty, that I consider myself a member of The troupe. I cannot imagine not participating. Outside Voices stands for freedom, liberation, education, civil rights and an expression of our humanity.

I have traveled the journey with my son and now with the group and have experienced the joy and energy of the change that this group exerts. I wish that people knew that a label does not define who people are as people. I have seen brilliant ideas come from the people in this group who have so much to teach. You only have to listen with your heart as well as your mind. I love to experience the willingness to learn, to evolve and grow and the courage to keep trying even when it is so very hard to do.

Catherine James