Joshua Akullian

I am a non-verbal, autistic man. I use facilitated communication to communicate and have been doing so since 1989. Using facilitated communication I have been able to get my GED and to attend college. I was a member of AmeriCorps for 2 years and presented to colleges, high schools and various programs on issues regarding people with disabilities and the right to advocate for change in their lives. I am passionate about people with disabilities having choices. I admire people who against all odds want to live in the world. They see themselves as people with rights and are fearless about getting them. 

I come to Outside Voices because It is a place where I feel cared about and accepted for being me. I am able to be an actor even though I cannot talk. The company is like a family where all members are capable and a professional part of the group. Outside Voices stands for the fact that people with disabilities are human just like everyone else. They think, feel and want the same as non disabled people and they don't care to be treated differently. People should listen to me because I am very experienced in knowing what it is like to live on the outside and yearning to be a part of society.

Catherine James