Outside Voices Theater Members Participate in Accessibility Protest at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn

"The Pratt campus and many of its buildings are historic in nature and thus not all spaces on campus are readily accessible and the accessibility of certain buildings and spaces on campus may not be immediately apparent to campus visitors. However all programs, services and activities will be accessible and Pratt will accommodate any individuals with a disability who wish to avail themselves of any of its programs or activities.

To facilitate ease of access to all programs and activities, you have the option to indicate if you require an accessible space, have any mobility restrictions (e.g. inability/difficulty navigating stairs), or have any similar considerations or concerns, when registering in advance or scheduling an appointment for any program or activity on campus.  Appropriate measures will then be taken to ensure that the relevant programs or activities are readily accessible with the least amount of delay or inconvenience to you".

Catherine James