Harvey Pacht

I was born in the Bronx on a Thursday in 1954. I grew up as a person having behavioral problems. I used to get frightened very easily. Later on, I was diagnosed as having a Pervasive Developmental Disorder, which is on the autism spectrum. I always felt the need to make hand and facial motions. Various family members did not like that they felt that I could stop the motions.

I come to Outside Voices to rehearse for various performances. I educate people about disability issues. Educating people about disability issues is done through entertaining means. We have a lot to offer to other people. We need to educate the world about disabilities. The company works together and performs together. People should be aware that we all have strengths and limitations. I get angry when people use certain words or negative labels. I love conveying messages about disabilities with other self-advocates. We need to show the accomplishments of people with disabilities. We should educate people not to be prejudiced against any race, religion or ethnicity, sexual orientation or different personalities.

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Catherine James